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Make the most of your SpinTel My Account
Make the most of your SpinTel My Account

16 ways to make your life easier with My Account.

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  1. Safe and quick: bill payments have never been easier.

  2. Keep an eye on your allocated monthly data by tracking your service usage.

  3. Need more time to pay your bill? Easily request a payment extension

  4. Chewed through your monthly data allowance? Simply enable NBN Auto Data Block to top it up.

  5. Lost or stolen SIM, or want an upgrade? Simply request replacement SIM.

  6. Stay on track with your data usage by setting up usage alert notification.

  7. Found a new SpinTel plan that better suits your needs? Process your plan change here. 

  8. Take advantage of exclusive rewards through our Refer a Friend program. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing SpinTel. 

  9. Received your new SIM card? Get it up and running: activate replacement SIM

  10. Add authorized user on the account to add another person.

  11. Extra data? Easy access to let you do more on your mobile while helping you stay in control of the costs by adding data block for a mobile service.

  12. Easily update your payment method.

  13. Check out and stay in control of your phone features.

  14. Stay in touch with loved ones by activating International Calls on your mobile phone. 

  15.  Use your mobile service while overseas by activating International Roaming

  16. An easy way to relocate service.

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