There are vast of modem/router brands out there but we've listed some commonly used modem in Australia, so in case you want to make some changes to your modem this article will guide you.

Commonly used modem

We've listed the common brands of modem and how to access them. From your favorite browser just type in the url or the IP address to get to your gateway.

The modem gateway by default is password protected, we've added some default logins per brand, if it doesn't work you might have set it up before with different login or it's locked by your previous provider. A factory reset can help restore the modem settings back to default.

From your browser type in the url or ip address of your gateway


User: admin

Password: admin or password


User: leave blank

Password: admin


User: leave blank or admin
Password: leave blank

Asus: or

User: admin

Password: admin

TP Link: or

User: admin

Password: admin

Netgear: or

User: admin
Password: please check modem lable or call your modem manufacturer

D-Link Router:

User: Admin or admin or leave blank

Admin: admin or leave blank

If your modem brand is not on this list you can find your modem gateway using your computer.

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