If you're already on the nbn but want to switch with us, the good news is, the process is very straight forward, head over to our nbn product page and select the best plan for you.

What to expect?

  • Switching will have a quick turn around time

  • Offline during the switch may be encountered, but very minimal

Check your contract

  • Check if you have existing contract with your current provider and check for option so you will not be hit with early termination fees

Place your order

  • If you're done choosing the best plan, hit buy now and start filling the form, you can speak with our friendly Sales representative if you need help.

Wait for order confirmation

  • You are all set, a notification will be sent to your email with the order number and will be followed up with an install date.

Cancel your old service

  • Check with your old provider and make sure your account is cancelled to avoid additional service charges.

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