How To Activate Your Wireless Broadband Service

A guide on how to activate your SIM card and get your Wireless or Mobile Broadband service up and working.

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Important Note: If the SIM card is not activated within 7-10 days, the service will automatically activate and billing will commence. Should you wish to delay the activation, contact us for assistance.

Steps on how to activate your pre-inserted SIM card for Wireless and Mobile Broadband service:

To start using the service, you’ll first need to activate the service by going to the activation page.

To access the SIM-Activation portal, as well as My Account, please ensure you have activated your user account using the instructions that have been emailed to you when you submitted your order.

Alternatively, visit our homepage and click on Customers > SIM Activation, log in and follow the prompts.

Once the SIM card is activated, you're now ready to set up your modem.

To connect your PC, mobile or other devices to your Broadband service, you’ll need to connect to the Wi-Fi network that is being broadcast from the supplied modem.

You may also check for the Wi-Fi SSID/Wi-Fi Name and password on the supplied modem.

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