How to Factory Reset your modem

A walk through on how you can perform a factory reset on your modem

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Resetting your modem is different from rebooting or power cycling, and you should only reset your modem when necessary. You can do it if you still experience connection, speed or other modem issues after restarting your modem.

  1. Using a paper clip or a toothpick, push the small pinhole found at the back of the modem

  2. Push this for 15 seconds (or until all the LEDs turn off) then release

  3. Allow up to five minutes for system reset and automatic reboot.

Note: If you are using SpinTel supplied modem, allow up to 15 minutes for it to auto-configure, it will automatically establish a connection to our network.

This will remove any changes you have made to the settings on your modem, including Wi-Fi password changes - here's how to re-apply them.

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