A word of advice

The following settings are required to configure your email client to send and receive mail from SpinTel’s servers.

We strongly recommend the use of Secure SMTP and Secure IMAP or POP3 to encrypt the conversation between your mail program and our servers.

Sending email

Configure your email client to use authentication. Your username is the part before "@spin.net.au" and your password is case sensitive. For example:

username: john.citizen

Setting up secure SMTP with authentication means you will be able to send email via SpinTel from your mobile or if you're away from your home or office connection.

Please note, sending mail through port 25 will soon be disabled.

Receiving email

Important note: This may not work in old/outdated mail clients. For further assistance with configuring your email client, please go back and/or view our email setup guides.

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