1. Visit spintel.net.au

  2. Login to My Account by clicking on Customers and then My Account on the top right.

3. Select the mobile service (from the list on the left menu if you have more than one) and click on Configure.

4.Select the desired Call Forward feature to be activated.

 Call Forward: Also known as Call Forward Unconditional. Calls are immediately forwarded to another number without any conditions.

Call Forward Busy: Calls are forwarded if the line is busy (i.e. on an active call)

Call Forward No Reply: Calls are forwarded if no answer within a specific amount of time. Example: Calls are forwarded if no answer after 20 seconds.

Call Forward Unreachable: Calls are forwarded if there is a connectivity issue (i.e. out of coverage SOS/No Signal).

5. Click Update to save the changes or features that you want to activate.

Important: Activation will take effect within 15 minutes to four working hours 

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