How to activate a new mobile number?
Got your SpinTel SIM and ready to activate a new number? Here's how
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Important: Before activation, please make sure you have your SpinTel SIM with you.

2. Select Customers and then SIM Activation.

3. Enter your credentials and click on Login.

4. Enter the details correctly in order to submit and validate the activation.

  • SIM Card: This shows a list of any valid activations on the account. You can only activate one at a time, but on the last page you can click Activate Another SIM to come back here.

  • Activation Type: Select activate a new mobile number if you are getting a new mobile number.

  • Mobile Number: Select a new number from the list and hit Submit.

5. A confirmation page will display. Please be advised that activation may take up to 4 hours to complete. 

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