What is NBN HFC Service?

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) is a type of nbn™ technology. This is basically the same technology that is used to deliver cable TV subscriptions, such as Foxtel.

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)

First time using an HFC connection?

You may need to contact us by clicking the chat icon below or call 1300 303 375 to verify that your NBN service has been activated.

How Do You Connect to HFC?

Plug the nbn box and your modem into the power outlet. Using an ethernet cable, connect the UNI-D port of the nbn box to your modem’s WAN port.

Note: Some modems would label the WAN port as "Internet"

HFC connection

How do you check if there’s an outage?

To verify if there’s a reported outage in your area, please visit our website, SpinTel Network Status.

Note: Unplanned outages may not show on our website, please refer to NBN Network Outages for further information.

Internet Still Not Working?

If the issue persists after checking the physical setup and no network outage has been reported,

  1. Power off the modem and the NBN box for at least 2-3 minutes.

  2. Once both boxes are turned ON, check the light indicators on your NBN box

NBN HFC Connection Box Type 1 Light Status:

HFC connection box light status

NBN HFC Connection Box Type 2 Light Status:

Arris box
  • The Power indicator should be colored Green. If it is Off, check for possible issues with the power connection.

  • The Downstream and Upstream light. These lights should be solid Green to indicate a successful connection to the network. If either of the lights is Flashing, it means that it is still trying to establish a connection. Contact us if the lights remain flashing/off after waiting for some time.

  • The Online light is the indicator that the device has a connection to the network. It should be solid Green to indicate that no issues are present. If it is flashing, the device might have lost connection to the network and we need to lodge a fault.

3. If everything looks okay on the NBN box, the issue might be on the modem.

modem router lights

Check the light indicators on your modem:

  • Power light. Make sure the modem is turned on.

If the power light is Red or Off, there might have issues with the power connection. Check the power cable and make sure that it is properly inserted, or try another power outlet.

  • WAN light. This is the indication that the router is detecting the nbn box.

If it is Off, check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the WAN port on the router.

modem router's WAN port
  • Internet light. If the router is properly configured, the indicator is coloured Green.

If it is Off or Red, the configuration for the router might be incorrect. You can check this guide in configuring your modem.

4. If you are still having issues, make sure that your device is properly connected to the router. If you are using WiFi, check if you are on the correct WiFI network. You can check this guide in troubleshooting your WiFi connection.

5. If you are connected directly using an Ethernet cable, make sure that you are properly connected to the LAN ports on the modem. Try using different ports in case the current port is faulty.

modem router's WAN port
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