Premium number is a 1900 or 1902 number that has a 'tariff' attached and you will be charged the amount set for this service. These tariffs can be 'timed' (per minute), or they can be 'fixed' (per call)

  • We don’t set the costs for calling these numbers, but rather the owner or provider of these numbers does and on-passes these costs to us and then to our customer.

Premium calling is not available on SpinTel Phone (VoIP)

For mobile, you can enable this feature by following the steps below:

  1. Visit

  2. Login to My Account by clicking on Customers and then My Account

SpinTel website

3. Once logged in, click on Manage Service on the mobile service you want to enable the feature

4. Scroll down to Service Management and click Change service settings

5. Scroll down to Configure Settings and turn on Outgoing Calls to International & Premium Numbers to enable

6. Click Update at the bottom page to save the changes.

On the other hand, Premium SMS is used for messaging that charges a premium price to the end user per sent SMS

  • The most known use cases for premium SMS is when the numbers are used for charity or voting activities, when you want to purchase content or services such as ringtones and games. For example, in case of a natural disaster, you can easily send an SMS message to a short code in order to donate funds to help people in need.

To enable premium SMS, scroll down to SMS Options and turn on Premium SMS.

Click Update at the bottom page to save the changes.

It can take 48 hours for the feature to be enabled.

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