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This article will help you be in control of the Home Phone features and how to check your phone usage.

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Your phone service allows you to make calls using your nbn internet service just like the old copper lines. Manage your usage and keep your phone features working for your needs.

Checking your Usage

1. Login to My Account.

2. Once logged in, the dashboard displays the summary of your services and their usage. Click Manage Service to expand the details of the selected service.

3. Scroll down to Service Usage and filter the date then click Show detailed phone usage

5. Click on the link for a comprehensive report of your usage as shown below

Phone Features

Just like the old copper lines, the phone service also has features that you can use. Voicemail, Call forwarding and Silent Number are among the features that you can access using your My Account.

1. After selecting the phone service, scroll down to Service Management and click Change service settings

2. Here you will see the features available for control. By clicking the radio button, you can either Enable or Disable the feature. Please don't forget to enter the phone number for the Call Forwarding feature. You can also set the Voicemail password here. Click Update Settings to save the changes.

Alternatively, you can do this using your handset by dialing the codes below to activate the feature.

Call Forward Unconditional

Dial * 21+"phone number" i.e. * 21040XXXXXXX. To disable Call Forward Unconditional, just dial * 21 again.

Call Forward Busy

Dial * 24+"phone number" i.e. * 24040XXXXXXX. To disable Call Forward Busy, just dial * 24 again.

Call Forward Unavailable

Dial * 61+"phone number" i.e. * 61040XXXXXXX. To disable Call Forward Unavailable, just dial * 61 again.


Pick up the handset and dial * 96. The recorded announcement will advise if you have any messages. If you do, to listen, press 1. Otherwise, you may press 2 to change voicemail folders, press 3 for advanced options, press 0 for mailbox options, press * (star) for help, or press # (hash) to exit. You may press 7 to delete a message after listening to it.

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