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How to Change the Billing Cycle Date in the Data Usage Settings on your Phone
How to Change the Billing Cycle Date in the Data Usage Settings on your Phone

Align your phone settings to SpinTel's billing cycle to easily monitor your mobile data usage

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SpinTel's mobile billing cycle starts every 1st of the month. To align the usage that reflects on your phone, follow the steps below.

Note: At the time of the set date, the data count is reset to 0.

For Android Phones

1. Tap on Settings

2. Click on Connections then choose Data Usage

3. Select Billing cycle and data warning, then tap Start billing cycle on

4. Select the date and tap Set

For iOS Phones

1. Go to your phone Settings and click on Cellular

2. On this screen, you will see a section that says "Current Period."

3. The number to the right of "Current Period" shows how much data you've used. Below this, you'll see various apps with a number below them. This indicates how much data you've used on each app. You can also turn off the green button next to each app to prevent an app from using cellular data.

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this screen. Below Reset Statistics, you will see the term "Last Reset" with a date. Your Current Period data usage number begins with this date.

To measure your data usage in relation to your cellular billing cycle, click Reset Statistics, which will reset the Current Period of your data usage.

5. Click Reset Statistics again when it pops up, and you're all set!

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