1. Locate the wall outlet (that looks similar to the one in the image below) and connect the nbn™ box (branded Aris) using the provided coaxial cable.

2. Connect the power cable to the black port on the nbn™ box and the other end to the power outlet.

3. Use an Ethernet cable, usually blue or yellow, and connect the UNI-D port of the nbn™ box,

to the blue WAN port of the modem.

Note: some modem would label the WAN port as "Internet"

Ethernet Connection

You can connect any Ethernet capable devices to one of the yellow LAN ports to access the internet.

Wireless Connection,

Use the wireless security card to find the WIFI network name and the password which can be found inside the modem box. You can also find the details on the back or bottom of your modem.

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