Change of Ownership FAQs
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Can I change or transfer ownership of my SpinTel account to someone else?

You can transfer your service/s to another person by completing the online form. Once the transfer authorization is done, an email will be sent to you that should be forwarded to the new owner to complete the transfer request.

I am still in contract, will I be charged an early termination fee if I change/transfer ownership of my account?

No. When you transfer your service to another person, that person takes responsibility for any remaining account obligations. Therefore, any remaining contracts will be transferred to the new owner.

Is there a fee for changing ownership on the account?

Yes, for ADSL/copper service/s, it will cost $59 and any other services from SpinTel (i.e. Mobile, Wireless Broadband, NBN), it will cost $29.

How many days will the transfer be completed?

For Wireless Broadband, Mobile Broadband or Mobile services, the change over will take place on the 1st of the month (billing period). For NBN or ADSL service, it can be transferred on any given date. Change of Ownership requires at least 7 days to be processed.

If there is an error in the spelling of my name or I change my name legally, do I need to lodge change of ownership too? 

No, this will not be identified as change of ownership. You'll need to have legal document (i.e. valid ID) for us to update the name on your account. Click here for more details in changing the name on the account.

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