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Understanding the charges on your bill
Understanding the charges on your bill

Here are some common charges and their description to help you understand your bill.

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If you find extra charges on your monthly bill or you think you were charge higher than normal, here, you can find common charges that may be added to your bill.

Prorata Charges

A pro-rata is applied the first time you are billed for a service to align you to the closest billing period.

The pro-rata charge will apply from your connection date to the end of the billing period. Your next bill will simply be the monthly plan charge.

Recurring Charges

These are charges that re-occur at a specific time in the month or at the beginning of an invoice cycle. These are the monthly service fees such as the charge for the phone or broadband plan, or any associated features.

Once-Off Charges

These are charges that only occurs one time in your invoice or will not periodically recur. These charges include but not limited to hardware fees, activation fees, postage fees, data blocks, etc..

Miscellaneous or Administrative Charges

These are various charges related to processing fees, payment extension or penalties such as late payment fees, dishonour fees, charge back fees, and the likes. These charges are explained in our Terms and conditions under Section 2.0.

Excess Usage

This usually applies when you are charged for calls made outside your credit limit or excess data usage/auto data blocks. View your plan details and Critical Information Summary to know more about the inclusions of your plan.

ACMA mobile Levy

An annual mobile number levy is applied and determined by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). As of 2017, the cost of such a levy is $0.65. This fee will be added to your account as a once-off fee per year while you have an active service with us.

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