The 'Missed Call Service' is an alternative to voicemail that sends you an MMS (multimedia message) with an audio recording of the caller's message, whenever you're unable to answer your mobile.

Device Compatibility

Even if you opt-in for the Missed Call Service, and your device is not MMS capable, you will not be able to receive or retrieve messages left by callers.

Otherwise, check if you are able to send/receive MMS messages (e.g. picture messages) on your phone.

How Does Missed Call Service Works on your Mobile?

If a caller can't reach you, a voice recording will invite them to leave a short message, when the Missed Call service is active.

A notification will be sent to you through MMS with the message left.

Where are Messages Stored?

Audio recordings sent to you via MMS through the Missed Call Service are saved on your phone – just like any MMS.

Note: If your phone is switched off or out of coverage, we'll attempt to resend the MMS voice message for 48 hours after the message was left by the caller. After 48 hours the message will be deleted.

How to Enable/disable the feature?

Here's the options on how you can enable/disable Missed Call Service on your mobile phone:

  • SMS: From your Mobile: Text the word ON or OFF to 159

  • Call: From your Mobile: Dial 159 and follow the prompts

Otherwise, if the above doesn't work, start a conversation with us so we can check further, click that chat icon on the lower right of this page.

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