Cancellation FAQs

We've listed commonly asked question when terminating your service with SpinTel

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Can someone cancel my account/service on my behalf?

Only the account holder or an authorised account contact can cancel or make changes to your account. You can authorise another person (e.g. wife, husband, daughter) to manage or cancel your account.

Will I have to pay an Early Termination Charge??

If your service is in contract, you will have to pay an early termination charge. The amount charged will depend on how long is remaining in your contract.

Can I temporarily suspend my service?

Yes, however, suspending the service will only restrict the service. The monthly recurring charge will continue to be billed. You can downgrade to a lower plan to reduce your monthly charges.

Can I keep my number if I transfer to another provider?

Yes, in most cases you can keep your number if you switch to another provider. Contact us once you've transferred the service to ensure we cancel your service.

Will I get a credit if I transfer before my the end of my bill cycle?

We will cease billing at the end of your current bill cycle and any days after the day of the transfer till the end of the billing period won't be refunded.

Will I receive a bill after I've transferred?

You may receive another bill if there are any other unbilled charges (such as excess usage, early termination charges or you haven't received the bill for the month you've transferred.

Can I transfer the ownership of my account?

You can transfer your service or account by completing our change of ownership form.

Can I keep my SpinTel email if I cancel?

Yes, you can keep your email if you cancel your account. The charge is $4.95/month. Please ask the customer service representative when discussing your cancellation.

How long will I be able to use my SpinTel email after I cancel?

Your email address will usually be deleted about a month after the service has been cancelled. Please arrange prior to your service being cancelled to download and archive any email sitting on the mail server.

What if I change my mind, can I withdraw my cancellation?

We can normally withdrawal your cancellation if we're contacted prior to the service being cancelled.

What needs to happen if the account holder is deceased?

If you're contacting us to cancel an account where the account holder is deceased, we'll need a copy of the Death Certificate to either cancel the service or transfer the service to another party via a change of ownership form.

Do I need to return any hardware?

Any nbn owned hardware installed in your premises must remain there if you're moving or cancelling your service. It will be required by the new owner/tennant or if you're transferring to another service provider.

If you're cancelling a service due to coverage issues (such as for Wireless Broadband) or if you're renting your hardware on a monthly basis, you will need to return the hardware to the following address:

Level 6
50 York Street
NSW 2000

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