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Changing Basic User to an Administrator and vice versa
Changing Basic User to an Administrator and vice versa

Step by step process on how to change basic user to admin

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An account holder can change the level of authority from a Basic User to Account Administrator or from Account Administrator to a Basic User.

All Account Moderator's must be over 18 years old and can:

  • Add new services

  • Transfer ownership of services

  • Update/change contact details including phone numbers

  • Disconnect a service

  • Relocate services to another address

  • Replace a missing/lost SIM

  • Modify the monthly plan

  • Add and remove other administartor users

  • Check usage

  • Raise faults and complaints

A Basic user is for mainly used for email purpose only. They can't make any changes to the account.

To change the between User types:

1. Login to My Account

2. Once logged in, click My Account and select User Management

3. Click on the username you want to modify

4. On the account type, choose either Administrator or Basic

5. Scroll down and click Update Details

Go Back to view the changes.

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