An account holder can change the level of authority from a Basic User to Account Administrator or from Account Administrator to a Basic User.

All Account Moderator's must be over 18 years old and can:

  • Add new services

  • Transfer ownership of services

  • Update/change contact details including phone numbers

  • Disconnect a service

  • Relocate services to another address

  • Replace a missing/lost SIM

  • Modify the monthly plan

  • Add and remove other administartor users

  • Check usage

  • Raise faults and complaints

A Basic user is for mainly used for email purpose only. They can't make any changes to the account.

To change the between User types:

  • Scroll down to My Account details, then User and Mailboxes

  • Choose the Username and click Modify

  • Scroll down to account type, then choose either Administrator or Basic, then click Submit.

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