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How do I check my usage?

If you want to check your usage, you can access this by logging into the My Account section on our website.

What is My Account and what else can I do there?

My Account is SpinTel's online portal where you can:

  1. Check your data usage.

  2. Look at your invoices.

  3. Relocate your services to your new home.

  4. Manage your contact information and more! 

How can I check or change my password?

You can change your email password by logging into My Account through our website. However, if you have forgotten your administrative account username / password please use the recovery tools available here.

How do I track my order?

While an order is being processed you can track its progress online through our Order Tracker tool. You will be required to enter your Order Number and nominated Password in order to view the current ETA, delivery/billing address, hardware requests, and contact details.

How long does it take after signup to connect to my SpinTel service?

Provisioning times will vary depending on the type of service requested, amount of work required and your location. Details specific to your order can be found using SpinTel's Order Tracker.

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