Unsuccessful mobile number transfer

How to get to the bottom of why your mobile number didn't transfer.

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A common cause of an unsuccessful mobile phone number transfer is entering incorrect account details during the activation process, meaning they don't match those registered with your old provider. 

Start by contacting your old provider to confirm you have the correct details. Then login to My Account and repeat the activation process - Activating a SIM and transferring an existing number to SpinTel.

Other reasons for an unsuccessful number transfer

• Your number has been temporarily suspended or disconnected or you may have accidentally entered the wrong mobile number.
• An incorrect billing type may have been provided during the activation process.  
You're most likely Prepaid if you pay your plan upfront. But if you pay a month to month bill, you're most likely on a Postpaid plan. Please contact SpinTel to confirm what service you have chosen.
 • The account number you provided may be incorrect. You can check your latest bill for the correct account number or contact SpinTel for assistance.
•  You may have entered the incorrect date of birth. Please make sure you are the authorised account holder and that your date of birth has been entered correctly in the SpinTel system.

Note: We can only transfer your number if your service is still active.

What happens once the transfer request has been re-submitted?

We will re-submit the transfer request. It can take 15 mins to 24 hours for the transfer to be complete. During the transfer, you can continue to use your old provider's SIM.

Transfers to SpinTel are completed between the following timeframes:

  • Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm AEST

  • Saturdays: 10am-6pm AEST (except national public holidays)

I no longer want to transfer my number, can I activate my SIM with a new number?

Yes! If you no longer wish to transfer your number and want to select a new number instead, simply read SIM activation - new number to find out how to start activating your SIM using a new number.

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