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To send a request in relocating your service, see this article. Here are some commonly asked questions when relocating a service.

Is there any charge involved in relocating the service to a new address?

For NBN service, a New Development Charge of $300 may apply if your property is classified by NBN as a ‘New Development’ and has never had a service connected through NBN before. Your agreement will have to be confirmed before proceeding with the process.

How long will it take for a Relocation to complete?

We will attempt to disconnect and connect your services on your requested dates, however this is not always possible. Actual time-frames may vary, depending on the infrastructure and workload in your new area. Any updates regarding your order will be sent to you through SMS or email to keep you posted.

Is a new modem required?

You can take your existing modem with you leaving the NBN box (if there's any) at

the old address.

As for our mobile, mobile broadband, and wireless broadband services, these are powered by the Optus Mobile Network. Before moving, you may contact us to check the serviceability at your new location to make sure that the service will be available.

Will my plan and My Account access be changed?

Your existing service details will not be changed unless requested. Your account will be the same as you moved to the new address. If a change is necessary, we'll let you know when we organise your relocation.

Does the Account Holder need to be at the premises for the installation?

Not necessarily. This depends on the type of service being connected and the technology in place at your new address. We will let you know through SMS or email if there's a need to send a technician along with the appointment date/time.

If no technician is required for the connection, we’ll send you an SMS to let you know and when the service transfer is completed.

Will my service be disconnected at the old address automatically?

Relocating your service requires us to disconnect your service from one address and reconnect it to your new address, this means you cannot normally retain services at your old location. If you need to leave your service active which may be the case in shared living situations, you may contact us to organise a change of ownership.

I can't relocate my service, can I close my account online?

In case that you don't wish to relocate your service because you already have an existing service at the new address, or it is not serviceable, you need to contact us in cancelling your service.

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