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Using your own modem with SpinTel nbn™
Using your own modem with SpinTel nbn™

If you’re planning on using your own modem with SpinTel nbn™, it must be compatible with the nbn™ technology used at your address.

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Bringing a modem from another internet provider

Most of the time, you'll be able to use the modem from your previous provider. Otherwise, we'd recommend checking with your previous provider if it is locked.

The modem port you'll need

Modems have 2 different types of ports which are used to connect to the NBN network. These are:

  • A 'DSL' port (uses an 'RJ11' cable) - this is the same as the old telephone cable you would use to plug your home phone into the wall socket.

  • A 'WAN' port (uses an ethernet cable) - this is the same as a cable you might use to plug your PC, PlayStation or other consoles into your modem.

Some modems have both of these ports, and some only have one. Check out the table below to see which port your modem will need to have to connect to your type of NBN technology.

We will assist you to the best of our ability to get your BYO modem connected with SpinTel nbn™ or refer you back to your manufacturer. SpinTel is not responsible for any BYO modem that does not work on our network. We recommend you purchase a pre-configured NBN modem that’s ready to go with our network. If your BYO device is not compatible you can purchase a modem from SpinTel or if you wish to cancel your service after your order got completed, you may be liable for payment of applicable monthly charges and the other charges for the services used.

SpinTel technical team can help as much as possible with the configuration of your BYO device. Due to the vast range of devices that are out there, we may not be able to support every make and model. Check out our common configuration guide here. SpinTel will only be able to provide general support on your service. Due to this, we recommended that you have a good understanding of how to configure your own device(modem).

If you're unsure or would just prefer us to ship a pre-configured NBN modem that's ready to go, you can add a modem while signing up or you can contact our support team to place an order for the pre-configured modem.

For technical support related to your modem you’ll need to contact the modem manufacturer directly.

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