What is a Replacement modem?

A replacement modem will be used to determine if the existing modem is faulty. The modem is pre-configured and is plug and play for NBN, WBB and ADSL service. The retail cost of the modem + postage will be added to your account and will appear on your next invoice.

The replacement modem to be sent out will be of the same brand and model as the original modem.

How long is my warranty period?

From 1 October 2019, Netcomm went to a 2-year warranty. If your Netcomm modem was purchased before that date, then it has a 1-year warranty (the same as with the other brands of modem purchased from SpinTel).

Within Warranty What to expect?

To reverse the modem cost of the modem replacement, the defective modem (if the issue was resolved) should be returned to SpinTel using the Registered post within 30 days.

Failure to return it within 30 days, the modem + postage fee will appear as a valid charge on your invoice.

Outside Warranty What to do?

To help you isolate the issue, we can send a modem for testing purposes even if your modem is no longer covered by warranty. If the replacement modem rectifies the issue, you may opt to keep the replacement modem and the charges will apply.

How long does it take for the Replacement modem to arrive?

Expect the modem to arrive 1-2 business days from the date the order was placed. A courtesy email will be sent to keep you posted along with the tracking details.

Once available, you may visit the StarTrack website to trace the delivery.

How to return the Replacement modem?

If, in any case, the replacement modem does not rectify the issue (within or outside warranty), the modem replacement should be returned in a resalable condition to reverse the modem charge. Resalable condition means the modem should still be like brand new, unscratched and returned in full, including all cables.

Return Address
Attention: SpinTel Hardware Returns

Level 6, 50 York Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Note: You need to shoulder the postage fee in returning the modem. Otherwise, check if the package has a return bag included.

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