How to transfer service/s ownership

This article provides information on how to request for change of ownership.

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Changing service ownership is done in two two parts by the existing owner and the new owner.

Existing Owner

The current account holder starts the process by completing the online form at Part of this form is to choose the service or services which ownership needs to be changed. The service/s needs to be active for it to be transferred. The current service owner or account holder will be responsible for charges on the account until the transfer is complete. 

Once the transfer authorization is done, the person taking ownership has 21 days to finish their part of the process. The account holder will receive an email from SpinTel that should be forwarded to the new owner for the second part to happen.

New Owner

The new owner must open the link on the email forwarded by the current owner and complete the form. A payment method must be indicated in the form to avoid to delays in the process.

One thing to note is that they'll need to be at least 18 years old and will undergo a credit evaluation to take ownership of the service.

Then the new owner should agree to SpinTel Terms and Conditions and accept billing responsibility, which could include any device payment agreements, contract left on the old account.

And just like that, ownership of the service/s number is transferred.

To learn more, check out the FAQ page.

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