What is CGNAT?
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Customer-grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) is a network technology that uses a single public IP address for multiple users on a network. It is primarily used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to help manage network resources efficiently and is quickly becoming the industry standard. When you connect to our network, your modem or router will receive a private IP address instead of a distinct public IP address. Our network will handle the translation, converting it into a shared public address that enables your seamless access to the Internet.

Why do we use CGNAT?

Due to the growing demand for IP addresses and their limited availability, obtaining additional addresses has become increasingly difficult. As a result, we are using alternative solutions to address these challenges and ensure the continued scalability of our network. Additionally, CGNAT can enhance security by restricting the number of public IP addresses accessible on a network, protecting against malicious attacks.

What won't work in CGNAT?

In CGNAT, most internet services and applications will continue to work seamlessly. For most of our customers, it will just be business as usual. However, there are certain scenarios where certain functionalities may be affected. Some examples include:

  1. Port forwarding: CGNAT can make it challenging to set up port forwarding, which is necessary for hosting servers or certain online gaming applications that require direct access to specific ports on your device.

  2. Peer-to-peer (P2P) connections: CGNAT can impact the ability to establish direct peer-to-peer connections in applications such as file sharing, voice over IP (VoIP), or particular video conferencing platforms.

  3. Dynamic DNS: CGNAT can pose difficulties with Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services, which allow you to access your home network using a domain name rather than an IP address.

How do I opt out?

We're here to help you if you have a legitimate reason and wish to have your service not use CGNAT; please contact us at 1300 303 375 or log into our website and chat with our dedicated technical support staff. They will guide you in opting out, subject to our discretion and applicable terms.

Opting out of CGNAT will result in the assignment of a dynamic Public IP address to your service, with an associated monthly charge of $5 in addition to your service plan.

If you prefer a Static IP address, you can have one for an additional monthly charge of $11.

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