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Where do I find my account number?
Where do I find my account number?

If you are new to SpinTel and can't find your account number, here's a quick guide for you.

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Find your account number:

1. In the My Account portal

The Account number can be seen in My Account.

Forgotten your username or password? Check this article on how to reset.

2. In the Order Confirmation email

Soon after you order a new SpinTel service, you'll receive a confirmation email and SMS.

  • Check the SMS from SpinTel, the content should look like this "Thanks! Order #xxxxxx was received for account #xxxxxx. Please see your email information on tracking your order and activating your account".

  • Check your email; the email subject of the order confirmation email will be "We've received your order #xxxxx for account #xxxxxx"

The account number and other order details will also be in the content of the email.

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