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How do I switch from ADSL to NBN?
How do I switch from ADSL to NBN?

We have made it easy for you to upgrade to NBN.

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To find out if the NBNCo has rolled out in your area, visit the SpinTel website and enter your address in the search bar.

Once confirmed that your area is NBN ready, select the plan that suits your need and click on Buy Now to check out. Enter the necessary details on the secure checkout page, then submit the order.

Important: Select YES to add the new service on your existing account and log in with your My Account credentials.

Here's a sample on how much you will expect for your chosen monthly plan and how much it will cost you upon signing up.

Note: As soon as the NBN service got activated, contact us on 1300 303 375 or start a conversation with us online by clicking on the chat icon to cancel your ADSL service.

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