Network Boundary Point (NBP)
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What is the Network Boundary Point (NBP)?

The Network Boundary Point (NBP) is where the network provider's responsibility ends, and beyond that, any issues are the building owner’s responsibility.

The NBP's location depends on various factors, such as whether you are in a single dwelling (e.g., a house) or a multi-dwelling (e.g., unit, apartment, townhouse, or office block).

In a residential setting, like a house, the NBP is usually the first socket where the street's lead-in cable connects initially.

Some houses may have an external telecommunications box, and if present, that's the NBP. Other factors can influence the NBP's location, determined by a technician during investigations.

In multi-dwelling units (apartments, offices), the NBP is typically in a central telecommunications cabinet called a 'Main Distribution Frame (MDF)'. The cabling and equipment from the MDF to the first socket in your unit are usually the responsibility of the building owner, Body Corporate, or Strata Management.

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