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Configuring your Home Phone Using ZTE H268A Modem
Configuring your Home Phone Using ZTE H268A Modem

Instructions on how to configure your home phone using ZTE H268A modem.

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When your home phone service is activated – we will send you an email with the username and password required to set up the phone service on your modem.

Different modem manufacturers may use different titles for the below. Please check with us if you're unsure.

  • SIP Server:

  • Outbound Proxy:

  • Port: 5060

  • SIP User ID: provided in the email

  • Authentication ID: provided in the email

  • Authenticate Password: provided in the email

  • NAT Traversal: Keep-Alive

  • Enable SIP Options Keep Alive: Yes

  • SIP Transport: UDP, unless modem is 4G then TCP.

  • Preferred Vocoder/Codec Preference: G711 or PCMA otherwise chose G729

Note: Other devices may ask for details such as Authentication Number or other numbers. Always use your SIP Username (provided in the email) and NOT your telephone number.

Logging into your modem

To access the modem gateway enter into the address bar of a web browser. If it does not work or if it has been changed, check your router's IP address. For instructions, click here.

Enter admin for the username and admin for the password.

Once you have logged in, you will have several options listed at the top of the page.

1. Select VOIP from the top

2. Select “Basic” from the left-hand side menu which will take you to the below page.

3. Fill in the fields as advised below.

  • SIP account - SIP username (provided in the email)

  • Authorization username - SIP username (provided in the email)

  • Password - SIP password (provided in the email)

4. Click on “Apply

5. To verify other settings, click on “SIP Protocol” option on the left-hand side menu. Please make sure the fields are filled as per below. Hit Apply to save the settings.

  • Local Port: 5060

  • Primary Proxy Server:

  • Primary Outbound Proxy Server:

  • Primary Proxy Port: 5060

After saving your setup, your VoIP home phone service will then attempt to connect. Check if the phone light on your modem is ON, then test the service.

Note: Make sure to plug your home phone into the modem's phone port.

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