What is an nbn technician installation appointment?

In some situations, nbn will require a technician to come to your premises to install equipment and complete any physical work required to connect you to the internet.

How will I know if I need an appointment?

During the provisioning of your order, if a technician is required, we will notify you via SMS and email.

Is there a specific date and time I can choose?

The date of the appointment depends on the availability of the technician and the earliest available date possible. The appointment windows are generally either morning (8-12) or afternoon (1-5).

What if I require a time outside of business hours?

We can request availability but we do not guarantee it. Please notify us at least two business days before your installation date. If the nbn technician calls you, you may make a direct arrangement and that will be decided by the technician.

Alternatively, you can have someone at least 18 years old or above attend to the technician on your behalf.

Can I change the date of the appointment?

The date provided is always the earliest. If this date is not suitable, we can change it to a later date. Please check your the email notification sent with your appointment details and click the reschedule appointment link.

Why did the technician reschedule the appointment date?

There may be unavoidable cases such as extreme weather conditions, unplanned outages, immediate repairs of nbn facilities, technician illness, that will result in missed appointments from nbn.

When this happens, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available date and time.

Is there a charge?

We do not charge a fee for the installation, but in some areas, we may require you to pay a New Developments Charge or Subsequent Line fee (if you choose to install on a second line). These charges will be discussed with you prior to the appointment and will require your authorisation before we proceed with the installation.

What happens after the technician visit?

Shortly after the technician completes the install and once nbn informs us that the order has been completed, we'll send you a completion notice by email and SMS.

Generally, after the technician completes the install your service will be ready to use. If you're using a SpinTel provided modem, you'll just need to connect the modem using the provided instructions. If you're using your own modem, check your email for the required username and password to configure your modem.

The technician advised I need a 'Lead-In'

A Lead-In is a physical cable between your home and the nbn network at your property’s boundary. A Lead-In is usually installed underground unless aerial cabling is already being used within the street. You may need a new Lead-In if you’re connecting a new phone or internet service, and your home;

  • is new,

  • has been renovated,

  • has been demolished and rebuilt,

  • has never had a phone or internet connection before.

It will also depend on the type of technology nbn co is going to use to connect the nbn network to your address.

Note: A missing Lead-in would require a private technician (organised by the property owner) to have a lead in installed prior to nbn technician installation.

The technician wasn't able to complete the installation

In rare cases, the nbn™ network cannot be rolled out completely to a property - this is known as a 'network shortfall'.

A network shortfall is usually due to infrastructure work to be completed by the nbn before a property can be connected to the nbn network. We'll keep you up to date throughout the process and let you know of any appointments scheduled on your behalf.

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