What are the NBN service classes and its Installation Time?

When you connect with us we'll send you some emails, one of which will identify your service class for you. Below is a summary of the NBN service classes and its installation time.

To learn more what do the NBN service classes, click here.

How long will my phone be activated?

We activate the Internet service first, then the phone will follow. Make sure the phone number is still active with the current provider for us to port the number successfully.

For FTTP, FW and HFC, you can still continue to use the existing copper (if transitioning from copper to NBN) and porting can take up to 5 days to complete after NBN completion.

NBN Transfer

For NBN service transfer, the “ process date” is limited to 5 calendar days. This will help us to get other stuff done before NBN is transferred to us (e.g. modem/porting).


  1. We cannot reverse / change the process date. The order needs to be cancelled and resubmitted, if the date need to be changed for any reason.

  2. If there is a porting attached and if the port fails, we need to check if you want to continue with NBN or fix porting first and then transfer NBN.

  3. Should you wish to fix the porting issue before transferring NBN, we have to cancel the NBN order.

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