Once you've received your SIM, simply login to the activation page, enter your My Account credentials and provide your existing provider details to begin the transfer process.

Transferring a Postpaid service

  • We will require your account number from your previous provider to process the transfer

Transferring a Prepaid service

  • Confirm that you're the account holder of the service held with your current mobile provider. The details provided must match with the information you’ve supplied us with i.e. Name and date of birth registered from your previous provider.

To protect our customers from unauthorised transfers, you'll need to authorise the number transfer by entering the six-digit code sent to your number via SMS. Please keep your phone handy and leave your original SIM in your phone, as the transfer will only kick-off after the code has been successfully verified.

Most transfers can take 15 mins to 24 hours for the transfer to be complete. During the transfer, you can continue to use your old provider's SIM. Transfers to SpinTel are completed between the following timeframes:

  • Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm AEST

  • Saturdays: 10am-6pm AEST (except national public holidays)

Please remember to keep your number active with your existing provider until the transfer has been completed.  

Before you transfer your number to SpinTel

•  The number you're transferring will need to be listed under your own name and personal details.
•  You can only transfer a number if your service is active, so don't cancel your service with your current provider until the number transfer has been completed.
• If your contract with your current provider hasn't ended, you'll need to wait for it to end or contact them to find out how to terminate it early (you might incur a charge for this).
•  If your handset is locked to your current provider's network, you'll need to ask your provider about getting it unlocked (you might incur a charge for this).

The transfer has failed, what should you do?

Sometimes account details don't match and transfers can fail. If your transfer has failed, don't panic as we've got a step by step guide on how you can complete the transfer process.


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