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How to Configure Huawei DN8245V
How to Configure Huawei DN8245V

This guide will assist you in connecting your Huawei DN8245V modem to SpinTel network.

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Is Huawei DN8245V modem NBN Ready?

Huawei DN8245V is a modem router that will work with SpinTel for FTTN/B, FTTC, HFC, FTTP, and Fixed Wireless NBN services.

How do you connect your Huawei DN8245V?

Depending on your nbn connection type, connect to one of the following:


If there is no NBN Connection Box installed, connect the DSL port on the back of your modem to your phone wall socket using a telephone cable.

For FTTP, FTTC, HFC, and Fixed Wireless

If there is an NBN Connection Box installed, connect the NBN Connection Box to the WAN port on the back of your modem using an ethernet cable.

How do I log in to the DN8245V web page?

โ€‹Wireless login
1. Connect your mobile phone, pad, or PC to the Wi-Fi network of the DN8245V.
2. Enter the IP address in the address bar of a browser and press Enter. On the displayed
login page, enter the account and password. (For details about the IP address, login
account, and password, see the product nameplate.)

Wired login
1. Use a network cable to connect the DN8245V to your PC.LAN
2. Log in to the web configuration page. Open a browser. In the address bar, enter the web address (printed on the nameplate of the DN8245V). Press Enter.

3.Click Fast Setting then Internet configuration page

4. Enter the username and password provided to you via email when the order was completed.

5. Hit Next to continue.

6. Personalise your WiFi credentials and hit Next

7. Setup your Account Management then hit Save to apply the changes. Quick Setup complete!

Wait 3-5 minutes for the modem to go online, then test the service.

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