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How and When to Contact nbnco for Assistance
How and When to Contact nbnco for Assistance
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Who to contact

As nbn is a wholesale provider, please contact SpinTel on 1300 303 375 directly for:

  • Connection delays

  • Getting an nbn connection

  • Network outages

  • Missing or incorrect address details

  • Concerns about service performance, which may include slow speeds, dropouts and service loss

  • Billing or charges accrued for your nbn service

  • Appointments, and

  • Missing nbn™ equipment.

When to contact nbnco?

The below scenarios will require you to contact nbn directly at

Information to include in submitting a complaint to nbn co

In submitting a complaint/feedback, please indicate the following information for faster resolution:

  • Dates of events

  • The address where the issue(s) occurred

  • A clear explanation of the issue(s)

  • What you are seeking from nbn to resolve the issue(s), and

  • Supporting evidence e.g. photos, diagrams, receipts and quotations.

If you’d prefer to contact nbnco by phone you may call them directly at 1800 687 626.

For damage that is creating a Health and Safety hazard, please call nbn on 1800 687 626 and select option 1 followed by option 4, then option 2. This is to ensure that any Health and Safety hazards are prioritised.

If you’re intending to remove or relocate your nbn supplied equipment (such as an nbn connection box, associated cables and other equipment) due to renovation, demolition or a move of premises, visit the nbn relocation and removal page for more information.

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