Setting up your Netcomm NL1901 modem

A guide on how to set up your NL1901 modem for Wireless broadband service

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Wireless Broadband service

This type of service provides high-speed internet and data service delivered through a wireless local area network (WLAN). Image below shows physical setup for this type of service.

Note: For new customers, make sure to activate the SIM card online first by visiting our activation page.

Configure the modem as shown below:

  1. To access modem's interface, please make sure your device is connected to the modem (wired or wirelessly) and enter into the browser address bar.

  2. At the login screen, type admin into the Username field, and type the modem serial number into the Password field then click on OK. The modem serial number can be found on the bottom of the hardware that should have the admin login details.

  3. Click on Advance Setup then Mobile Broadband.

4. Configure modem settings:
​a. If this is the first time you are setting up the modem to the network, click on Edit

b. If the modem was connected before and you are trying to make changes to its current settings, click on Disconnect then Edit.

Set the information as shown below and hit Apply/Save


Dial Number: *99#

Default WAN Connection Select: Mobile Broadband

Once the setup is complete, click on Connect under Action.
5. Click on Device Info then Summary. Scroll down at the very bottom till Device Info for Cellular Network is seen. If configured properly, signal is available and link will show connected.

Otherwise, you may check this article in case you have an issue connecting to the network.

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