To get connected via your DLINK modem, you'll need to log into your modem gateway.

Note: This can be done on most mobile devices, but we recommend doing these steps with your PC if you have one.

Logging into your modem

To access modem gateway, enter in the address bar of a web browser. If the IP address does not work or if it has been changed, check your router's IP address. For instructions, click here.

  • If prompted with a log in screen, click Log In to proceed. No password is enabled by default. Otherwise, log in with the password you set for the modem router.

If your modem interface uses the orange version, click here to go directly.

  1. The router’s home page will open displaying the current connection status. Click the Click to Repair button to run the Setup Wizard.

2. Hit Next

3. Select either ADSL or VDSL from WAN Access Type.

For FTTN/B, choose VDSL.

Look for SpinTel on the ISP list, otherwise select Not Listed and click Next.

4. Enter the username and password provided to you via email when the order was completed and hit Next.

5. Personalise your WiFi credentials and click on Next

6. In order to help protect your router from unauthorised users, please enter a new password.

You will be prompted for this password every time you want to use the router’s web configuration utility. Click Next to continue.

7. You will be presented with a summary of your settings. Click Next to finalize the settings. At the end of the wizard, you will be presented with a final summary of your settings.

Click Finish to close the wizard. The device will then reboot.

All is set, run a test once the modem is back ON.

Orange Interface version

  1. Once logged in, select Manual Internet Connection Setup or choose "Internet Connection Setup Wizard" and follow the prompts to set up

2. Change your Internet Connection type to PPPoE and enter the username and password provided to you via email. Click Save to apply the new settings.

Wait 3-5 minutes for the modem to go online, then test the service. Reboot modem if needed.

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