5G Home Internet troubleshooting FAQs
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Slow speed

If you're connecting your modem for the first time, you may experience poor speeds within the first 24 hours while the firmware is updating. If you're still experiencing poor speeds after 24 hours, despite the 5G signal being green, try adjusting your WiFi settings between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network.

The 2.4GHz is suited to larger homes with multiple devices in separate rooms to your modem. The 5GHz network should be used when you're within close range to your modem. We also suggest running a speed test whilst connected to the modem via Ethernet. If speeds are still poor, that may indicate there's an issue with your WiFi connection.

Can't connect to the 5GHz WiFi network

Confirm that both networks have been enabled. If both networks are enabled, reset your modem via the modem settings page โ†’, or the reset button located on the back of your modem.

My modem won't power on

Check if your power cable is properly plugged in to the back of your modem and power outlet. If the modem you've leased from us is faulty or damaged, then we will send you a replacement modem and a return bag.

I think my SIM is faulty

Make sure your SIM card has been correctly inserted into your device. If you believe your SIM card is faulty, you may request a SIM replacement.

Note: For new customers, you need to activate the SIM card online first by visiting our activation page before you can use the service.

I can't set my modem to Bridge Mode

At this stage, we do not support modem bridging.

I can't setup Static IP

At this stage, Static IP is not supported.

I can't change my DNS server

At this stage, you cannot change from the default Optus DNS server.

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