How to find the best 5G signal
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We recommend placing the SpinTel 5G Wireless Modem as close as possible to a window, with few obstructions. Depending on your location, you may receive a stronger signal in certain parts of your home.

In this article, we'll provide tips for positioning the modem using the signal direction lights.

Positioning the modem

Be sure to position the modem in a spot with little to no obstructions.

Obstructions that may impact the strength of your 5G signal include:

  • Physical obstructions outside the home such large buildings or trees

  • Dense In-building material such as window insulation, concrete, brick materials, or metal support structures

  • Terrain geography such as mountains or hills

Using the 5G signal direction lights

Once you've plugged in the modem, you can use the white LED direction lights on the top of the modem to help you find the best location to position the modem.

  1. When you power up the modem, all signal direction lights will blink. Once the modem has finished searching, one white signal direction light will remain on

  2. Use the signal direction light as an indicator of where in your home to move the modem

  3. Rotate the modem in the direction of the solid white signal light. The light will point towards a location inside your home where the reception is stronger (typically, towards a window or to an outside facing wall)

Note: If the centre LED light is red this means there's no connection (4G or 5G). Try our troubleshooting tips here or get in touch with us and we'll troubleshoot with you further.

Still having trouble?

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