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Why Your Order is on Hold and What You Can Do About It
Why Your Order is on Hold and What You Can Do About It

We've listed some of the information needed to proceed with your order and when it applies

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This article will explain why your order may be placed on hold or rejected and what actions you can take to proceed with your order.

Requirements for Mobile Held Order

  • Incorrect DOB/Account Number: If you have entered incorrect information, validate the details and provide us with the correct information. Make sure that the information you provided matches the record from your current service provider.

  • MSN Not Active: Ensure that the number is active when processing a porting request.

  • More Information Required: You will be asked to send a copy of your photo ID for verification when running a credit check.

Requirements for NBN Held Order

If you are placing an order for NBN, our network provider may require additional information or documents. Here are some of the information/files needed:

1. Acceptable POO (Proof of Occupancy) / POD (Proof of Occupancy Documents)

A POD is needed when the address cannot be found on the NBN website, or when you have recently moved into a new address to get the Location ID, which is necessary when placing an NBN order. The following are acceptable PODs:

  • Fixed utility bills with a matching service address (e.g. electricity, water or gas. Bank statements or mobile phone bills are not acceptable as they are not fixed to an address.)

  • A signed Lease agreement (including both the address page and the signature page)

  • A certificate of title of the land

  • An insurance document, specific to the address (e.g. Business or Home & Contents)

You can attach the required document via the order tracker. Once logged in, scroll down and upload the file needed to support your order. Please note the following restrictions to avoid issues with uploading:

  • Only images or PDFs are allowed.

  • 2MB file size limit.

  • Captcha.

2. There's an active FNN/copper service on the premise

If the premise has an active ADSL service from another carrier and an NBN order is placed, we need to confirm the ULL ID or the active FNN copper service.

3. Existing Order with Another Service Provider

The order will be cancelled or placed on hold if you have an active order in-progress with another provider. Check that you have cancelled any request that may coincide with your order with SpinTel.

4. Needs Online Registration

If the address cannot be found on the NBN website, we require a POD to get the Location ID to NBN prior to submitting the order to our network provider. However, once verified that the address has not been registered to NBN yet, you have to submit an online application.

5. Common Rejection for Porting Business Phone numbers:

  • Multiple phone numbers, the number is linked with other numbers.

  • The number has complex services linked - eg: ISDN, Line Hunt etc.

To proceed with a simple porting, contact your current provider to remove any complex services or numbers linked to the porting number.

6. More Information Required

An email will be sent to you with the steps and information needed such as finding the latitude and longitude of your address to proceed with your order.

Where to upload my documents relating to my order?

You can login to the order tracker portal to upload the requirements necessary to proceed with your order.


In conclusion, it's important to provide accurate and complete information when placing an order to avoid delays or rejections. If your order is on hold or rejected, check the reasons listed above and take the necessary actions to proceed with your order.

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