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Configuring your Home Phone Using TP-Link Deco X73-DSL
Configuring your Home Phone Using TP-Link Deco X73-DSL

Instructions on how to configure your home phone using TP-Link Deco X73-DSL.

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Preparation: Only after you have Internet access on this router, you can set up your VoIP function successfully.

When your home phone service is activated โ€“ we will send you an email with the username and password required to set up the phone service on your modem.

Note: Make sure to plug your home phone into the modem's phone port.

1. Open your Deco App

2. Tap More icon > Advanced > Telephony

3. Tap Telephone numbers > +, choose Other as telephony provider if SpinTel is not listed, and fill in the parameters required.

Different modem manufacturers may use different titles for the below. Please check with us if you're unsure.

SIP Username: The username provided by SpinTel

SIP Password: The password provided by SpinTel

Telephone Number: Same as SIP Username

Line Number: Same as SIP Username

SIP Server:

Registrar Address:

Outbound Proxy:

User Domain:

Preferred Codec: G.729

Silence Suppression: Disable

Echo Cancellation: Enabled

STUN Server: Off

SIP Expire Time: 3600

Default SIP Port: 5060

DSCP Masking: Premium

Note: Other devices may ask for details such as Authentication Number or other numbers. Always use your SIP Username and NOT your telephone number.

After saving your setup, your VoIP home phone service will then attempt to connect. Test to confirm if the service is working.

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