In accordance with the policy, nbn is required to recover the cost of deploying the nbn™ access network infrastructure by applying a ‘developer contribution charge’ per premises. Other additional charges may also apply.

Developer contributions charge

This is a charge applied only to developers and builders for:

  • Single Dwelling Units (SDUs): An SDU is typically a building with single premises including free standing and terrace housing or a building with two premises on one lot such as a duplex.

  • Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs): An MDU is typically a building with three or more separate premises, or any form of strata, group, company or community title development.

The charge is determined on application, and is capped at the following amounts depending on the build type:

  • Single Dwelling Unit (SDU): $600 inc. GST per premises

  • Multi Dwelling Units (MDU): $400 inc. GST per premises

Important Note:

Developers may pass on this charge to the end user. Please take note, NDC is a separate charge for a new home connecting to nbn the first time.

See the sample below for the payment confirmation for DCC.

You may contact us at 1300 303 375 if in doubt of the charges.

New Development Charge

New Development Charge (NDC) applies to locations that nbn classify as new development. A new home or when connecting nbn to your premise the first time may be considered as new development and will be charged $300 fee.

SpinTel will inform you prior to completing your order or any install appointment and will need your authorisation before we can proceed.

Click here for more information about the government policy for new developments.

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