First, download the Tenda WiFi app on your mobile device by searching for Tenda WiFi in App Store or Google Play and download it.

Next, go to the WiFi network list on your mobile device, select the SSID of the nova unit, and enter its password. The SSID and password are specified on the label of the nova unit.

Run the Tenda WiFi app and follow the onscreen instructions to connect the nova unit to the internet.

Setting up PPPoE

Step 1 Choose Settings > Internet Settings to enter the configuration page.

Step 2 Tap Connection Type.

Step 3 Select PPPoE.

Step 4 Enter the PPPoE user name and password provided to you when the order was completed.

Step 5 Tap Save.

After the nova unit is connected to the internet, its LED should turn solid blue.

To change your WiFi name and password

Step 1 Choose Settings > Wireless Settings to enter the configuration page.

Step 2 Change the WiFi name and password as required.

Step 3 Tap Save

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