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How to configure your Netcomm NF4V Modem
How to configure your Netcomm NF4V Modem

This guide will assist you in connecting your Netcomm NF4V modem to SpinTel network

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To get connected via your Netcomm NF4V modem, you'll need to log into your modem gateway.

Note: This can be done on most mobile devices, but we recommend doing these steps with your PC if you have one.

Logging into your modem

To access the modem interface, please make sure your device is connected to your modem through wired or wireless connection. Enter into the browser address bar, type admin in the username and password field then click OK

For FTTN/B service

1. Click Basic Setup

2. Select VDSL and hit Next

3. Enter the username/ user ID and password provided to you via email.

Click Finish to complete the set up!

For FTTP, FTTC, HFC and FW service

1. Go to Advanced Setup and select WAN service. Click Add

2. Select ETH4 then click Next

3. Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) for the WAN service type, then click Next

4. Enter the PPP username and PPP password provided to you via email when the order was completed. Hit Next to continue.

5. Click Next until you reach the WAN Setup Summary

6. Hit Apply/Save

Wait 3-5 minutes for the modem to go online, then test the service. Reboot the modem if needed.

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