Understanding your bill

We explain how our billing system works and what you can expect.

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1. For new customers

Your first bill will be generated once your service has been activated and will show a pro-rata service charge, as well as any hardware or connection charges. Two days later, this will be debited from your bank account or credit card.

The above example shows a new mobile service activated on 04/04/2019 on a $19.95 plan. This billing item covers the part month from 04/04/2019 to 30/04/2019. The pro-rata rate is an adjusted charge that covers charges for the rest of the billing period (or billing month).

Your next bill will be received on or around the 7th of the following month which will cover charges for that billing period (or billing month). Charges are generally for the calendar month (or from the 1st to the 30th or 31st).

2. For existing customers adding a new service

Charges for your new service will be added to your monthly bill. The newly added service will show a pro-rata charge and a one-month advance payment.

Note: Your billing cycle identifies the start date of your monthly inclusion. This means at the beginning of each billing cycle, your data, minutes, and messages allowance refreshes.
For example, if your wireless rate plan includes 10GB of data, you'll begin using your allotted data on the first day of your billing cycle. Any unused data will not roll over if you don't use your entire 10GB allowance.


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