Setting up the SpinTel 5G Wireless Modem

Troubleshooting steps, tips, and guide in setting up your Nokia FastMile 5G modem.

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How do I activate SpinTel 5G modem?

Once you receive your SpinTel 5G Wireless Modem head on to our activation page to activate the service.

What’s included in my 5G modem self-installation kit?

In the box you'll receive:

1 x Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway (i.e. modem)

1 X Power supply

1 X AC cable

1 X Quick Start Guide

1 x NANO SIM card (pre-inserted into your device)

How Do I Set up My SpinTel 5G modem?

nokia 5G modem
  1. Remove the device from its packaging. Make sure to peel the protective plastic film from the top of the device before connecting the modem

  2. If possible, place the modem as close to a window as possible. You'll need to make sure there's a power outlet close by the window

  3. Plug one end of the AC power cord into the back of the modem. Plug the other end of the power cord into the power supply

  4. Power on the modem using the on/off button underneath the device. You'll see the LED light on the top of the device light up

How to reset the Nokia 5G modem login password?

Forgot the login password? Resetting the admin password for Nokia 5G modem is simple and requires pushing a reset button using a paperclip or any ejecting tool for 5 to 10 seconds until the LED flashes red (at least twice).

Note: This will remove any changes you have made to the settings on your modem, including Wi-Fi password changes - here's how to re-apply them.

Nokia 5G modem reset

After the factory reset has been completed the LED will:

  1. Turn solid white, which indicates the Nokia 5G modem has entered the boot-up phase. (This will take a few minutes.)

  2. Flash yellow, indicating it has been factory reset.

Understanding the SpinTel 5G modem lights

  • Centre LED light - indicates 4G/5G signal

  • 5G LED - indicates 5G signal

  • 5 white signal - direction lights

spintel 5g
  1. The modem will boot up and begin searching for a signal. The search process can take a few minutes to complete If the centre light and/or the 5G light are ON, the modem is connected If the centre light is red, try repositioning the modem. If it remains red, you'll need to contact us

  2. Once you're connected, the modem will automatically update the firmware. This may take up to 24 hours so don't worry if the modem resets or speeds are slower in the first 24 hours

  3. After 24 hours the centre LED and/or the 5G LED will be green and you're ready to connect your device to the WiFi If the centre LED light is red this means there's no connection (4G or 5G)

Nokia FastMile modem status lights

Note: The light in the centre indicates a 4G signal. When the 5G light is ON, the Signal Direction light will indicate which direction has the strongest 5G signal.






Modem is turned off.


Strong 4G/LTE signal.


Medium 4G/LTE signal.


Weak 4G/LTE signal. Place the modem near a window for a better signal.


No 4G/LTE signal. Place the modem near a window to get a signal.

Flashing red (slow)

SIM not detected or possible SIM issue. Check the SIM card if it is correctly inserted in the SIM slot. Please call us on 1300 303 375 if the SIM is missing or the issue persists.

Flashing red (fast)

Factory reset in progress.

Flashing white

WPS connection to WiFi is in progress. If the WPS connection is successful, the LED will quickly flash 3 times. If the WPS connection fails, the LED will flash slowly for 1-2 minutes then return to a state that indicates a 4G/LTE signal.


Ethernet WAN connection successful (not supported).



No 5G signal. Place the modem near a window to get a signal. Please call us on 1300 303 375 if the issue persists.


Strong 5G signal.


Medium 5G signal.

Orange or red

Weak 5G signal. Place the modem near a window for better signal. The Signal Direction LED will indicate the direction of the strongest 5G signal.


Modem is booting up.

Signal Direction

(5 LEDs in the outer ring of the LED panel)


Modem is turned off or 5G signal not detected. Place the modem near a window to get a signal.


The strongest 5G signal is coming from this direction. All 5 LEDs will flash in a clockwise circle when the modem is booting up.

Finding the best 5G signal

The SpinTel 5G Wireless Modem may receive a stronger connection in certain locations of your home. We suggest placing the modem as close to a window as possible. For handy tips, see finding the best 5G signal.

How do you connect your devices to your SpinTel 5G modem?

The Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway features 3 Ethernet ports and WiFi, so you can connect your devices however you prefer. To connect your devices to WiFi, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your WiFi (SSID) and password (WiFi key). You can find the SSID and WiFi key printed on the label on the bottom of the modem, as well as the card included in your self-installation kit

  2. Find the correct SSID from your device's list of available WiFi networks and enter your password

  3. To configure your WiFi network, enter into the address bar of your preferred web browser

Does SpinTel 5G Wireless Modem supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz network frequency bands?

SpinTel’s 5G wireless modem, Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway, supports dual-band wireless connection.

The 2.4GHz band is suited for those with larger homes with multiple devices in separate rooms from the modem, while the 5GHz network allows for faster WiFi speeds over short distances and should be used when you're within close range of the modem.

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