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Alternatives for International Roaming
Alternatives for International Roaming

We've listed some tips and what you need to know before activating the International Roaming feature

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What You Need To Know

International Roaming allows you to use your mobile phone overseas as if you were in Australia. You can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use data while you are abroad. Here are a few reminders before you activate this feature:

  • Using your mobile phone overseas is expensive. In addition to a higher call, SMS/MMS and data rates, you're also charged for receiving calls and MMS (picture) messages.

  • You will be charged the rate for the country you are in. Callers from Australia will be charged the normal cost of a call or SMS to a SpinTel mobile, whilst you will pay SpinTel roaming rates for receiving calls in the country you are roaming in.

  • All calls, SMS/MMS and data charges (including social media use) while roaming are not included in your monthly call/SMS/MMS/data allowances and they’ll be charged in addition to your monthly plan fee.

  • Records of your usage will be received from mobile operators in the country in which you are traveling. However, this can be a slow process and may take up to three months, so it is highly recommended that you keep an eye on your usage to ensure no unexpected bills.

Tips/Alternatives to International Roaming

  • International Call/Phone cards

SpinTel recommends purchasing a SIM card when traveling which is connected directly to the overseas mobile operator’s network. This is much more cost-effective.

Most airports and convenience stores sell prepaid phone cards that allow a fixed line phone, pay phone, or even a mobile phone (if the SIM card is local) to make international calls at more affordable rates than those charged for an international roaming service.

  • Travel SIM Cards

Available for sale from other mobile providers in Australia, Travel SIM cards allow you to use your own mobile handset while roaming.

  • WiFi

If you connect to a local WiFi network, you can access the internet without using your mobile data. To prevent mobile data use, you should disable 3G/4G mobile data reception in your mobile handset settings, so the internet can only be accessed while connected to a WiFi network. If you have a smartphone, applications such as Skype and WhatsApp can be used to make calls and send messages using the WiFi network.

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