I cannot receive incoming calls but I can make outgoing calls, why?

There are instances that trigger your VoIP not to receive any incoming calls:

  1. For new services, especially when porting is involved, it is normal not to receive calls right away when it is not yet completed. For FTTN/B, the porting will complete the same day the NBN gets active. Whilst FTTP, FW and HFC, you can continue to use the existing copper (if transitioning from copper to NBN) and porting can take 3-5 biz days to complete after NBN completion.
  2. Please check if you put the line on divert to another number such as a landline or mobile number. Click here to see how to divert your VoIP line.
  3. Check that your phone is connected correctly - for instance, have you connected your Base Station/Desk phone correctly to your router? Please check the connections and if necessary re-boot the router, Base Station.
Phone connected to the Provisioned Tel Port

I cannot make outgoing calls on my VoIP line but I can receive incoming calls, why?

This occurs rarely and is usually caused by an issue with the physical connection or the handset itself.

  1. Check what numbers you're having an issue calling, whether it only happen to a specific number or in any numbers.
  2. Sometimes, this is just a modem bug that can be fixed with a reboot. Please try to do a modem reboot. Make sure to wait at least 1-2 minutes before turning the device back on.
  3. Test using another handset, preferably a standard corded phone. (not a cordless phone and make sure it’s connected directly to the modem, not to the base phone)
  4. Do a factory reset to retrieve the settings.

In case you need to get your username and password for VoIP, check your old email when we sent it, or start a conversation with us online by clicking on the chat icon on the SpinTel website.

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