What is nbn new development charge and how much does it cost?

The nbn new development charge is a $300 charge that has been forced on to residents by nbn to help pay for the costs of rolling out the nbn.

By the name itself, this applies to locations that nbn classify as new development.

What are the instances nbn new development charge may apply?

Some common scenarios that call for this charge include:

  • The very first nbn™ service activation at a property, such as homes and businesses that are in new developments without any existing phone or internet infrastructure.

  • For new connection activations in a pre-existing nbn™ enabled area where a developer has increased the number of properties (for example; if an existing property is demolished and the land is sub-divided to make way for a duplex or block of units), and

  • In some cases where the property in an existing nbn™ ready area is demolished and re-developed.

What if the new development charge was already paid with the previous provider, do I have to pay again?

Unless any of those above-mentioned scenarios occur again, the new development charge should only need to be paid once during the life of the building and should not be charged again.

Best to keep the receipt for any cases a proof may be needed.

How will I know if my address attracts a new development charge?

You will be notified prior to completing your order or any installation appointment as we will need your authorisation before we proceed with your order.

I thought the developer has already paid this fee?

This fee is not the same as the fees and charges that a developer has already paid to NBN Co to register the new property development with NBN Co while the property was still being developed.

For more information about the new development charge, you may click here.

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