When your home phone service is activated – we will send you an email with your Home Phone settings for you to set up on your device. Setting up your home phone (VoIP) with SpinTel requires a few unique pieces of information. Use this guide for general support in connecting your home phone with your BYO modem.

Every modem is different, but in most cases, you will need some or all of the below pieces of information:

  • SIP Server: proxy.voip.spintel.net.au
  • Outbound Proxy: proxy.voip.spintel.net.au
  • Port: 5060
  • SIP User ID: provided in the email
  • Authentication ID: provided in the email
  • Authenticate Password: provided in the email
  • NAT Traversal: Keep-Alive
  • Enable SIP Options Keep Alive: Yes
  • SIP Transport: UDP, unless modem is 4G then TCP.
  • Preferred Vocoder/Codec Preference: G711 or PCMA otherwise chose G729

Setting up your modem with VOIP capabilities

Below is an example of a modem gateway with VOIP capabilities. If your modem is not VOIP capable, you will not be able to set up the phone service. Please make sure that you check with your manufacturer that your modem is VOIP-capable

1. Using an internet browser, access the main page of the router and look for 'Voice', 'VoIP', or 'Phone' setup. Below is a sample page for a TP-Link modem.

2. Click the 'Add' button to allow you to add a new VOIP service. You will then see something like the image below to allow you to set up the service.

3. After saving your setup. Your VoIP home phone service will then attempt to connect. You will know it is successful when you can see the status as 'Up' or for some devices, 'Registered'.

If, after about 5 minutes you're not able to get a dial tone, or make outgoing calls, check this article.

You can also contact us online by clicking the chat icon on the page or call us at 132210.

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