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Settings for your Home Phone service

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These are the settings that you need to set up your Home Phone service. The setup on each device varies so some items might not be applicable.

If you're using a SpinTel provided modem you won't need to configure the phone service. The network will automatically update the settings.

SIP Username: The username provided by SpinTel

SIP Password: The password provided by SpinTel

Telephone Number: Same as SIP Username

Line Number: Same as SIP Username

SIP Server:

Registrar Address:

Outbound Proxy:

User Domain:

Preferred Codec: G.729

Silence Suppression: Disable

Echo Cancellation: Enabled

STUN Server: Off

SIP Expire Time: 3600

Default SIP Port: 5060

DSCP Masking: Premium

Note: Other devices may ask for details such as Authentication Number or other numbers. Always use your SIP Username and NOT your telephone number.

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